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Being Mastery Program

Go Beyond with Fred Beljaars: Achieve Ultimate Mastery


Personal Mastery - Authentic Leadership - Peak Performance

Welcome to Ultimate Mastery: Empowering Your Journey to Fulfilment

Welcome to Ultimate Mastery, where my purpose is to guide you in breaking free from limitations, discovering your authentic self, and creating a life filled with profound purpose and joy. Our journey together is dedicated to embracing freedom and equipping you with the insights, tools, and skills necessary for exceptional success in all aspects of your life.

My Approach

Most coaches have a program and guide you through multiple steps, helping you change your life... A little. Not me. I transform lives. I don't have a program because my approach is rooted in your unique voice. Your speaking shapes our path, and my role is to fuel your transformation with unwavering guidance and support. Together, we will unlock your limitless potential and cultivate deep fulfilment in every area of your life.

How We Work Together

  • Personalized Guidance: I tailor strategies designed to align with your unique aspirations and challenges.

  • Transformational Coaching: Empowering you to achieve lasting personal growth and breakthroughs.

  • Holistic Development: We address all dimensions of your life to ensure comprehensive and enduring fulfilment.

My Commitment

At Ultimate Mastery, I am committed to:

  • Embracing Authenticity: Helping you discover and celebrate your true self.

  • Achieving Extraordinary Success: Equipping you with the tools and skills to achieve remarkable goals.

  • Cultivating Meaningful Fulfilment: Creating a life enriched with purpose, joy, and meaningful connections.

Client Testimonials

"Fred's coaching at Ultimate Mastery has been truly transformative. His profound insights and genuine support have guided me through breakthroughs that have reshaped my life."


Get Started

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment with Ultimate Mastery? Contact me today to schedule your complimentary consultation and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.

Transform Your Life: Schedule Your Consultation Now!


Discover the unique benefits of teaming up directly with me, Fred. Delve into our tailored one-on-one approach outlined below. If connecting with me directly isn't feasible, and you're encountering challenges, I recommend taking proactive measures by seeking support and guidance from local professionals.


Why Work with Me?

As a specialist in Leadership, Self-Mastery, and Performance, I am dedicated to guiding individuals like you towards transformative growth and success. With over 10 years of experience coaching clients across business, life, and sports, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals in a meaningful way.

My Passion:

I am passionate about helping people navigate challenges, discover personal freedom, and achieve their desired outcomes. My coaching focuses on understanding who you are in your world because I believe this understanding shapes your circumstances and life experiences. Together, we will explore your potential and work towards creating a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

What to Expect:

Through personalized guidance and support, I empower clients to overcome obstacles, embrace authenticity, and achieve remarkable personal and professional growth. My holistic approach integrates mindset, emotions, and spiritual awareness to foster lasting transformation.

Client-Centric Focus:

I tailor my coaching to your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring that our collaboration is aligned with your goals. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, uncovering your strengths and maximizing your potential.​

Creating a Trusted and Safe Space

I value creating a trusted, safe space where you can share thoughts and desires usually kept private. Suffering can only be alleviated when you speak openly with someone who truly listens. In our sessions, you’ll express your true self and explore what’s holding you back. Together, we’ll develop strategies to overcome these barriers. Let’s unlock your full potential and achieve your dreams.

Experience the Journey:

Discover the profound insights and growth that come from working together. Let's explore how we can transform challenges into opportunities and create a life that aligns with your vision and values.

Transformational Mastery Services


Elevate Your State of Being: Choose Your Elite Online Coaching Program Now!

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Guided Growth Partnership: Elite Edition: $30.000–50 Hours (50 rolling hours, typically two-hour sessions)

  • Transformative Coaching: 50 hours of personalized coaching over 12 months to eliminate suffering and unlock your true potential.

  • Bi-Weekly Sessions: Two-hour sessions every two weeks

  • Direct Access: Text anytime for support, with responses within 48 hours.

  • In-Person Session: One exclusive in-person session with a complimentary lunch.

  • Flexible Scheduling: Reschedule missed sessions due to travel or commitments.

  • Continued Growth: Option to continue on a month-to-month basis after the program for deeper thriving.

Image by Cleo Vermij

The Espresso Shot Pact: $12,000–24 hours (typically twelve two-hour sessions)

  • 24 hours of intensive coaching covering mindset optimization, performance enhancement, and living powerfully.

  • Bi-weekly personalized strategies.

  • Direct Access: Text anytime for support, with responses within 48 hours.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Freedom Essentials: $3,000

  • Experience three 2-hour coaching sessions, totalling 6 hours, for mindset transformation and inner freedom.

  • Weekly empowering content and priority email support for ongoing guidance.

"Fred's Ultimate Mastery program elevated my career to new heights. His approach isn't just about achieving goals—it's about transforming your entire mindset and leadership style. Highly recommended!" - John, Business Executive

Take the First Step: Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

​Ready to embark on a transformative journey towards leading with purpose? Let's connect for a complimentary consultation. During this session, we'll explore your goals, challenges, and aspirations, and discuss how my Ultimate Mastery program can support you in achieving profound personal and professional growth.

Contact Me Today

For inquiries, consultations, or to enrol in my Ultimate Mastery Program, please contact me at

Serious inquiries only.

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